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2022-01-15 09:15:55 By : Ms. Nerissa Yang

German builder Argenta commissioned Bauer Spezialtiefbau to work on the excavation pit and dewatering elements for a new office building in Munich.

Argenta Internationale Anlagegesellschaft & Co. Grundbesitzgesellschaft is developing a new office building on a 13,000m2 site in the Parkstadt Schwabing neighbourhood of the Bavarian capital.

Bauer Group’s construction arm Bauer Spezialtiefbau is working on the 9m excavation pit for the project. It is constructing a 6,000m² single-anchored mixed-in-place (MIP) cut-off wall with a thickness of 550mm and embedded double U king piles up to a depth of 17m. In addition, it is installing 750m² of sheet pile wall, with a maximum depth of 16m, for dewatering, as well as 3,000m of anchors. The sheet pile wall and anchors will be removed once sufficient uplift prevention has been achieved for the structure.

A depth drainage system is being used in the excavation base area due to the presence of impermeable tertiary layers. Bauer explained that this required precise coordination with earthworks causing logistical challenges.

Due to large soakaways in the ground, the contractor also had to move the anchors in the MIP wall and increase the distance between them. This meant that staggered anchors with a load of up to 1,800kN were used.

As the level of the impermeable tertiary layer changes throughout the site, the retaining wall is also being constructed with a final depth that varies by up to 5m.

Bauer project manager Michael Doll explained: “With our MIP method, we are able to vary the drilling depth as needed or adapt to the soil conditions. This offers us a major advantage compared to sheet pile walls, which were originally planned, since the lengths of the sheet pile wall have to be defined and ordered in advance.”

The machines chosen for the project include RG 27 and RG 19 pile drivers from RTG Rammtechnik. They are being used for the construction of the MIP wall and the sheet pile walls, respectively. A Klemm KR 806 drill rig was selected for the anchor works.

Bauer started work on the project in May 2021. The dewatering system and dismantling of the anchors and sheet pile walls are expected to be completed early this year.

The office building is scheduled for completion in 2024.

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