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2022-01-15 09:10:28 By : Ms. Christina Lau

Does your RV, bike, truck, or car tires have bulging sidewalls? If so, then you’re experiencing a severe underinflation problem that could shorten the lifespan of your tires’ sidewalls and treads. Underinflated tires may also reduce fuel economy because of increased rotational friction.

A portable electric air compressor is a handy tool for your tires, and you’ll need it in your garage and during travel to ensure that you’re safe and well-equipped when the rubber hits the road. The Importance of proper tire inflation

So, why is tire air pressure important? And why should you be concerned about it? Firstly, tires are designed to carry a specific amount of load, which consists of your car or bike’s weight and any other load that you carry.

Well-inflated tires can support more load without causing damage to your tires and endangering your vehicle or bike. The pressure rating of the tires determines the maximum load rating. Basically, high tire pressure supports more load.

Apart from influencing the loading capacity, tire pressure also influences the following:

Fuel economy – Tires with proper inflation have low rotational friction, which reduces gas consumption.

Load damage capacity – Road hazards such as potholes and debris can increase the damage of tires and other vehicle parts, but with proper inflation, such impacts and damage get mitigated.

Sidewall lifespan – Tires that aren’t properly inflated increase heat build-up on the sidewalls and thus making them to fail prematurely.

Tread wear – Under or over-inflated tires get uneven tread wear that reduces the tires’ efficiency. What is A Portable Electric Air Compressor?

A portable electric air compressor is a piece of equipment, which converts electric power into potential energy that gets stored in compressor tanks as pressurized air. Types of Compressors

Consumer-Grade Compressors: The portable electric air compressor is a consumer-grade air compressor ideal for minor home use. You can use the pneumatic device to inflate tires or any other inflatable items. Other Types of Compressors

Professional and Commercial or Industrial-Grade air compressors: These two types of air compressors carry out heavy-duty inflation tasks, and they hold high-quality parts with advanced features. These compressors power industrial tools that have high power demand and long operating hours. Such compressors are ideal for construction sites and commercial auto garages.

What are the Benefits of Inflator Car X Portable Electric Air Compressors?

Unlike professional or commercial air compressors, the portable electric air compressors have the following advantages that make them ideal for light inflation tasks:

Are you asthmatic or environment-conscious? If so, then its perfect to go for portable electric air compressors because unlike their gas-powered counterparts they don’t release any fumes that can lower the quality of air in your home.

Portable electric air compressors inflate your car, RV, bike, or truck tires in a short time by delivering approximately 25 liters of air in 60 seconds. The compressor can inflate your car tire in five minutes and your bike in less than one minute.

Portable electric compressors come with a wide array of accessories and valves that make their use easy and convenient.

The electric compressors are lightweight, compact, and easy to move around. These portable compressors also come in a variety of sizes and shapes that can fit well into your vehicle’s storage compartments. Some of these compressors give free air on demand, and they have small or no receiver tanks so that you can save on storage space.

The portable electric compressors from Inflator Car X have a front screen and buttons that show essential inflation indicators such as pressure levels and thus help in monitoring and controlling the inflation process.

Regular compressors are often noisy. But the portable electric compressors are less noisy and ideal for use in residential areas.

Would you like to spray paint your gate or power other worksite tools? Well, if so, then you’re well covered because the portable electric air compressor can help you perform more than one tasks. The equipment is ideal for a wide array of applications within and without your home, and it may come in handy on many working occasions where pneumatic power will be required. Portable electric air compressors can also act as cleaning devices

Electric air compressors may not wipe out your grime and grease, but they can blow away lots of dust that covers your equipment, vehicle compartments, and any nooks or crannies that can’t be reached with ease whenever you’re cleaning your home, vehicle, or garage. What Factors Should You Consider When Buying Inflator Car X Portable Electric Air Compressors?

There are many brands of portable electric air compressors with varying shapes, designs, and sizes. But all these compressors aren’t equal. In your quest to find the perfect electric air compressor for your work you’ll need to understand what you need and the comparative features to consider as you make choices.

Below is an outline of the essential considerations that you should make in order to buy a portable electric compressor that suits your needs perfectly. Factors to Consider When Choosing an Ideal Portable Electric Air Compressor

Air hose and power cord: The length of the power cable and air hose determine the maximum distance of the operation circle within which you can use your air compressor. You’ll need to have long power and hose cords to use your air compressor over wide areas of space. If your garage has considerable square footage, then choose an air compressor with cords of significant length.

Compressor gauge accuracy: Portable compressors come with a pressure gauge that helps you to monitor the basic performance measurements of the equipment such as pressure. An ideal compressor should have an accurate built-in pressure gauge and a clear display that can help you monitor the pressure as you inflate your tires or engage other pneumatic equipment. In essence, the pressure gauge should be legible and accurate.

LED lights: Your air compressor should have LED lights that can enable you to read your pressure gauge and other vital measures in low light because you may need to use the equipment in dim light.

Air hose and power cable quality: Cheap power cables and air hose often fail after a short time of use. As such, it is prudent to choose an air compressor with high quality power cords and air hose to ensure that the equipment serves you for long.

CFM or output: The cubic feet meter measure shows how much air a compressor is able to pump out in a minute. The CFM is a volume-based indicator of how quick the equipment will inflate your tire or power pneumatic tools.

Duty cycle: The duty cycle measure of a compressor determines how long you can operate your compressor before putting it to rest to avoid overheating. Compressors with a long duty cycle are always better because they can serve you for longer without the need to let them cool off.

Thermal protection: Sometimes compressors get too hot to work properly when their duty cycle is exceeded. The thermal protection safeguards against heat-related damage by switching off the air compressor when it gets overheated. Thermal protection is a perfect protection for your air compressor in case of overheating. The thermal protection fixture switches off the air compressor whenever overheating occurs.

Automatic air compressors: Air compressors that shut down whenever you release the air inflation trigger are perfect because you don’t have to shut down the air compressor. Such equipment detects the end of use of the equipment and shut down automatically.

Tank size: If you’ll be using your air compressor on tools or tires with low inflation demand then there is no need to have an air compressor with a large tank capacity. However, if you’ll be inflating tools and inflatables with great inflation demand then you’ll need an air compressor with a large tank to fulfill your needs. But you should note that buying a compressor with a large tank capacity reduces your portability.

Storage bag or compartment: Your electric air compressor should be compact and portable to fit into storage spaces and compartments within your car or bike that don’t need lots of space.

Air quality: Air compressors can release air with different levels of dust, oil particles, and moisture. Ideally, a perfect air compressor should release clean air devoid of any particulate matter. As such, it is ideal to go for an air compressor with particle and moisture filters that lessens the impurities that the pumped air contains.

Car battery clamps: If you’ll need to use your car battery to power your electric air compressor instead of a power line outlet, then ensure that the package contains a direct clamp as part of your equipment accessories. Bottom-Line

Your RV, bike, motor bike, car, or truck tires are a vital element when it comes to your driving or biking experience. With proper inflation your tires guarantee safety and great durability that helps you realize the value for your hard-earned cash. As such, invest in a portable electric air compressor that allows you to inflate them properly while monitoring and adjusting their inflation needs.

Also, enjoy the capacity of your electric air compressor to serve as a cleaning tool that blows away all dust and debris. Additionally, you can use the equipment to power tools such as drill bits, brushes, and rotary screws. But don’t forget to make the above-cited considerations when buying any Inflator car X portable electric air compressor.

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