Geological Mine Exploration Core Drilling Rig (HGY-1500)

HGY-1500 Geological Drilling Rig:Drilling depth(m): 1200-1500;Spindle Stroke(mm): 600;Spindle lifting power max. (KN): 80;Spindle driving force max. (KN): 60;Lifting capacity of single rope max. (KN): 40;Product Features:Wide range of suitable rotary speed to meet various needs.Adopted from the "jiefang" Cal51 auto par

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HGY-1500 Geological Drilling Rig:

Drilling depth(m): 1200-1500;
Spindle Stroke(mm): 600;
Spindle lifting power max. (KN): 80;
Spindle driving force max. (KN): 60;
Lifting capacity of single rope max. (KN): 40;

Product Features:

Wide range of suitable rotary speed to meet various needs.
Adopted from the "jiefang" Cal51 auto parts, such as clutch and gear-box.
Reasonable design of the transmission and shift on the principle of bevel gear.
A good grip with the disk spring on the chuck.
Convenient to lift up and down the tower, all the work are performed by the hydraulic system.

Product Application:

It is widely used in the construction of the projects e. G. Prospecting, railway, road, port, bridge, water conservancy and hydropower, tunnel, well, industrial and civil construction, geological exploration, large diameter boring pile and small diameter diamond core deep hole drilling, etc.
TypeHGY-1500 Drilling Rig
Drilling depth( m)1500~1200
Rod diameter( mm)Φ42~Φ50
Spindle speed( r/min) Positive rotation rate: 54\86\145\219 \310\378\415\570\808 \1081
Reverse rotation rate:58\152
Spindle stroke(mm)600
Spindle lifting power max(KN)80
Spindle driving force max(KN)60
Spindle output torque max(N.M)7150
Spindle hole diameter( mm)Φ95
Steel wire rope diameter(mm)17.5
Lifting speed( m/s)0.51, 0.81, 1.37, 2.06, 2.92, 3.91
Lifting capacity(single) max(KN)40
Movable cylinder stroke (mm)400
Gear oil pump model2CB-FA32/10-FL
Nominal displacement( ml/r)40
Nominal pressure( MPa)14
Electromotor modelY225S-4 OR Y225M-4
 Power(KW)37 OR 45
 Diesel engine modelR4105ZD1
Power( KW) 56
Diesel engine weight(kg)385
Overall dimensions(mm)2460x1150x1888
Weight(power unit excepted)(kg)41002600
Head angle range0-90°0-360°
Drill tower load(t)10 
Drill tower height(m)9.5 
Drill tower pedestal(m)4x4.5 

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