Professional Trailer Geological Survey Coring Rig for Sale

Professional Trailer Geological Investigation Core Drilling Rig for SaleProduct Information of XY-600F Drilling Rig Machine                  XY-600F hydraulic drilling rig adopts the latest technology for diamond drilling. It is widely used todrill water

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Professional Trailer Geological Investigation Core Drilling Rig for Sale
Product Information of XY-600F Drilling Rig Machine                

Professional Trailer Geological Investigation Core Drilling Rig for Sale

XY-600F hydraulic drilling rig adopts the latest technology for diamond drilling. It is widely used to
drill water well, geothermal hole, mining blasting, geological exploration, water conservancy, etc.

Parameters of XY-600F Drilling Rig Machine                              
XY-600F Drilling Rig 
1. Main Parameters
Max. Drilling Depth600m
Diameter of drill pipeΦ42,Φ50,Φ60,Φ76
Angle of vertical spindle90°~65°
Drilling capability
Φ75mm drill diameter  Max. Depth 600m
Φ108mm drill diameter Max. Depth 500m
Φ127mm drill diameter Max. Depth 400m
Φ159mm drill diameter Max. Depth 300m
Φ219mm drill diameter Max. Depth 210m
Φ273mm(10-4/5in) drill diameter Max. Depth 150m
Φ500mm(19-3/5in) drill diameter Max. Depth 80m
2. Vertical Spindle
Rotation speedForward 10 grades30-1050r/min
 Reverse 2 grades29-137r/min
Spindle stroke560mm
Spindle bore96mm
Hoisting capability6000kg
Max. Torque3800N.m
3. Main hoist
Lifting speed of single wire0.5-1.9m/s
Diameter of wire rope12.5mm
Carry capacity of single wire4000kg
Diameter of winding drum300mm
Volume of winding drum50m
Lifting capability of single wire3000kg
4.Auxiliary Hoist 
Winding drum140mm
Diameter of steel wire rope6mm
Volume of winding drum450m
5. Mud pump(as per your choice)
Horizontal triplex mud pumpBW-200II
Working pressure50kg/cm² @ 5MPa
Diameter of water inlet hose65mm
Diameter of water outlet hose38mm
6.Power supply(choose one between the following two)
Diesel engine Model 4100,38KW(50PS)
Electrical motorY180M-4B35,22kw
7. Weight and Dimension of main drilling rig
8.Six-wheel Trailer 
Walking speed25Km/hr
Frame carrying capacity4 tons
Steering wheel 600-14 0.75 tons
Bearing wheel 650-150.9 tons
Minimum turning angle6.8m
9. Oil PumpCBN-F32
Working pressure20Mpa

Characteristics of XY-600F Drilling Rig Machine                        

(1) XY-600F adopts the newest automobile transmission assembly, with 10 grades forward rotation
speed and 2 grades reverse rotation speed, reasonable design, wide speed adjustable range, can
meet various stratum drilling requirements. 

(2) Can meet the demand for various high efficiency drilling process needs, such as diamond wire
line coring, impact drilling, reverse circulation continuous coring (sampling) etc.

(3) Strong power, strong torque, strong bearing capacity, convenient to solve different downhole
accidents. Compact mechanical transmission structure, light weight, large diameter of spindle bore,
hydraulic stabilizer legs, good rigidity .

(4) Using hexagonal kelly bar to ensure the stable transmission of torque. Can not only meet the
small-diameter diamond deep hole drilling, but also can satisfy the large-diameter carbide drilling
and different engineering drilling works.

Professional Trailer Geological Investigation Core Drilling Rig for Sale

(5) Advanced hydraulic system design makes the control handles concentrated, compact layout
reasonable, easy operation, flexible and reliable; Can realize remote speed change,  more
humanization operation.


(6) The hydraulic system can adjust the feed pressure and feed speed during controlling the feed
process, in order to meet different stratum drilling needs. At the same time it is equipped with the
bottom hole pressure indicator, easy to master the situation inside the hole.

(7) The vertical spindle is equipped with hydraulic chuck,using the connecting rod type spring to 
clamp, hydraulic chuck to loosen, carbide welding type slips, strong clamping force,long service life
and reliable operation.

(8) Advanced transfer case design, can implement easily independent operation of vertical shaft
and winch.

Working of Drilling Rig Machine                                                   

Professional Trailer Geological Investigation Core Drilling Rig for Sale


DEFY Service                                                                              

1.Professional technical support pre-sale, sale and after-sale .
2.Your problems can get feedback in 8 hours and be solved in 24 hours.
3.Machine can be customized as per your requirement.
4.One year quality warranty.
5.Training: operation manual and DVD operation video, overseas installation is also available.
6.Spare parts are available in our factory at cost price for former customers.

Other models for your choice:                                                   


Drilling Caliber

Max. depth





Disassemble drill tower;

Small in size.
















Integrative drill tower;

Easy to transport.








Q1: Are you trading company or manufacturer?
A1: We are original equipment manufacturer.we design,produce and sell.We master the core
      technology, and constantly adjust our products according to the market trend and customer
      feedback, ensure product quality.

Q2: How long is your delivery time?
A2: It is according to the model and quantity.
      Generally it is 3-5 days if the machines are in stock. 
      It will be 15-30 days if you want to customize the machines.

Q3: What do I need to do after payment?
A3: a) If under FOB trading terms,you need to employ a ship forwarder to ship the goods to you;
      b) Under CIF trading terms,we send the goods to the destination port,and contact you to pick
           up the goods; All documents for customs clearance will be sent to you by international 
           express after shipment.

How to choose a suitable drilling rig?                                      

1. What will you do using drilling rig? 
---For water project, core sample, soil test, mineral prospect or others?

2. The depth you need?
---For water well, generally, 30-200m. For core sample, 30-600m, even more. 

3. Any requirements to hole diameter?

---Within a certain range, the smaller diameter, the deeper depth. Mathematically, we call it
inversely proportional.

4. Working land condition?
A. soil, sand, weathered land, etc. soft stratum.
B. soil, sand, soft and hard rock stratum, mixed one. 
C. Mainly hard rock, like granite.

Based on the above information, Our experienced engineers will help you recommend suitable
machine and price. If you have special demands, please tell us ahead. 

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Professional Trailer Geological Investigation Core Drilling Rig for Sale
Professional Trailer Geological Investigation Core Drilling Rig for Sale

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