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2022-10-11 15:12:09 By : Ms. Stella Lee

A retro styled sling, tote, and camera pouch designed for daily use, from photo brand Moment and photographers Willem Verbeeck and Allison Simon

Launched in 2021 by photographers Willem Verbeeck and Allison Simon with the backing of Seattle-based phone lens maker turned photo/video retailer Moment, Long Weekend makes casual camera bags for stylish people that also like photography. Following up on the initial offer of sacoche and shoulder bags, today the playful brand has released three new designs—a tote, sling, and point & shoot camera pouch—begging for everyday carry.

We’ve been running around New York with the Monterey Sling ($50) and Camera Pouch ($25) in tow for a few weeks now, and have been nothing but happy with both. When all you want is to carry the minimum (say, a camera, water bottle, and spare roll of film or two), the sling has you covered, whether worn cross body (as seen below worn by Field Mag contributor and absolute hunk Brian Chorski) or OG fanny pack style.

Monterey Sling modeled by Brian Chorski

On the larger side, the Beacon Tote ($70) offers 18L of capacity in a durable design that’s classic, fun, and entirely functional. Created for busy day shoots and ahem, long weekends, the weatherproof tote features a padded laptop pocket and Nalgene-sized water bottle pocket on the inside, and more organization options on the outside. Perfect for trips where your gear and essentials need always be in reach.

For the die-hard point and shoot set, the lightweight Camera Pouch fits both digital and 35mm cameras (plus a roll of film if your rig is on the smaller side). With rear and side attachment points you can add a strap or connect it to a sling or backpack—or your belt for maximum 90’s dad on vacation vibes. A velcro closure and some light padding inside the 210D recycled nylon exterior keep your equipment safe from both bumps and weather.

And there you have it, a full range of bags for photographers that don’t look like lame camera bags.

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